Camping with confidence Part 2

In this context: For high summer clothing, in addition to natural fibers such as silk or linen “intelligent” synthetic fibers with temperature-balancing and used subsequently cooling effect plus UV protection – for example, polyester/spandax blend.

Chemical sunscreens for textile camping equipment

For all parts of your camping equipment synthetic fabric there is impregnation to prevent from excessive sun exposure. They contain substances that inhibit the permeability of the fabric for UV rays. Impregnating agents are available as a spray or paste in outdoor retail outlets. They exert their effect on brand-new and older objects. Synergy effect: The impregnation against UV rays protects the textile components of your camping equipment from fading.

Last but not least – special laundry care in summer: With impregnation allows the UV protection also improve for clothing. Depending on the care product 5-10 washes for optimal results are required. Learn more here: car rental Sofia

The North Africans are leading the way: In hot weather, not iced drinks are served, but hot mint tea. Unfortunately, the hot beverage is not true the taste buds of each camper. Important for the well-being at high residence time outdoors to consume significantly more than the recommended daily allowance of one and a half liters of liquid. It must like the double or triple his – preferably alcoholic.

Otherwise: The ideal summer food is light and vitamin-rich food that does not burden the human organism. Way from the fat pork sausage – to grilled fish, poultry and fresh salad so!

Camping with confidence

Tips for improving your well-being in the sun-drenched outdoor home

In the summer when it comes to tormenting heat and harmful sun exposure – that works best if you take as much precaution as possible in advance of the camping stay. In addition to selecting a shady cookie for your outdoor home under trees or under the protection of (other) caravans to offer further reconsider positive measures, in order to feel well at high temperatures.

The square awning – an indispensable requisite for a clever camper

Easy to use and versatile, the awning available in many sizes: the classic quadratic model is set up with poles, eyelets and carabiner quickly flexibly against the position of the sun. It can be used, for example, as an awning, the children’s play area shade, serve as a sun-protected carport for a vehicle or be easily ported to the beach. Modern solar sails are made of breathable synthetic fiber (polyethylene – HDPE) made, so that the heat does not accumulate under sail. In addition, the material is treated with substances that provide up to 90% UV protection.

It makes sense when buying from another textile camping equipment to proper materials to make: Modern materials are offered in summer for cooling and serve as awnings and provide effective protection against heat and UV rays.

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