Camping with confidence

Tips for improving your well-being in the sun-drenched outdoor home

In the summer when it comes to tormenting heat and harmful sun exposure – that works best if you take as much precaution as possible in advance of the camping stay. In addition to selecting a shady cookie for your outdoor home under trees or under the protection of (other) caravans to offer further reconsider positive measures, in order to feel well at high temperatures.

The square awning – an indispensable requisite for a clever camper

Easy to use and versatile, the awning available in many sizes: the classic quadratic model is set up with poles, eyelets and carabiner quickly flexibly against the position of the sun. It can be used, for example, as an awning, the children’s play area shade, serve as a sun-protected carport for a vehicle or be easily ported to the beach. Modern solar sails are made of breathable synthetic fiber (polyethylene – HDPE) made, so that the heat does not accumulate under sail. In addition, the material is treated with substances that provide up to 90% UV protection.

It makes sense when buying from another textile camping equipment to proper materials to make: Modern materials are offered in summer for cooling and serve as awnings and provide effective protection against heat and UV rays.

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